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20 August 2024
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3 September 2024
  • 180 credits
  • Complete in as little as 14 months
  • Pay per module

Key Benefits

  1. 85% of research ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally important’ (latest REF)
  2. Providing education and opportunity since 1827
  3. Courses developed with industry partners
  4. Option to pay per module
  5. Alumni discount available
  6. Ranked No. 1 in the UK university for Teaching First Generation students
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Innovative online Master’s degrees for those who want to invest in their future

The University of Wolverhampton is proud to offer a range of entirely online Master’s degrees. We have designed these courses specifically for busy working professionals and people with family commitments, giving you the opportunity to enhance your career prospects and help you achieve your full potential with less disruption to your everyday life.

Online MBA courses

The online MBA courses at the University of Wolverhampton include the core MBA, or MBAs with specialisms in finance, entrepreneurship, or psychology. Their purpose is to develop your skill set and knowledge base as a leader, enabling you to strategise and innovate whilst managing, motivating, and inspiring employees.

Online MSc Psychology courses

Our online psychology MSc courses include the MSc Psychology course, the MSc Psychology of Mental Health and Wellbeing, and the MSc Organisational and Business Psychology.

The MSc in Psychology and the MSc Mental Health and Wellbeing degrees offer students a route to becoming a Chartered Psychologist and are fully accredited by The British Psychological Society (BPS). They are ideal if you want to gain a qualification to register as a psychologist, but also if you are a professional from the public or private sector for whom a comprehensive skill set and understanding of psychology can unlock or accelerate your career progression in management and leadership roles and within functions with important applications of psychology such as marketing, research, teaching

Online MSc Organisational and Business Psychology

Our MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology provides students with practical and theoretical knowledge of human behaviour in the workplace, empowering students to creatively apply their knowledge to problem-solving issues in the workplace in roles ranging from organisational and business psychologist, human resources manager to management consultant. This course is accredited by the Association for Business Psychology, which enables you to automatically achieve CertBP status on graduation.

Online MSc Computer Science courses

These courses are ideal for individuals looking to launch a new career in this rapidly growing field, as well as for computer science professionals who want to learn new skills and gain a qualification to advance into more senior roles. The portfolio of online courses includes a core computer science Master’s degree and specialisms in the key growth disciplines of data science and artificial intelligence.

Online MPH courses

These degrees have been designed for individuals who have studied or are working in a health-related field and are looking to expand their skills and knowledge on public health for career progression.

Drawing on UK government policy directives in public health and mapped against the UK Public Health Register (UKPHR) specialist register standards, these degrees adopt a strong focus on addressing health inequalities, empowering individuals and communities, and will build the skills needed for a proactive public health workforce.

Wolverhampton to the world - study from anywhere

One of the key benefits of studying online is that you will learn from world-leading academics and researchers while you’re based in any location across the globe, without ever needing to visit the campus. The flexible design of our online courses lets you study around family commitments and continue to work and grow in your current role, applying what you learn in your Master’s as you progress. That means you can reshape your prospects without the need for difficult trade-offs that could negatively impact your work and family life.

No. 1 Ranked in the UK For Teaching first generation students
85% of research 'world-leading' or 'internationally important' (latest REF)
Online Psychology Master’s accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS)
22,000 A university of 22,000 students
1827 Providing education and opportunity since 1827